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Firefly MAX is an amazing, syndicated, quant-driven KOL database powered by a mass of hard data overlaid with a wealth of analytics. Simply select the indication of interest, and you’re ready to explore the KOL landscape with analytical tools that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

A Quant-Driven Powerhouse

Firefly MAX is powered by a wealth of quantitative data from multiple domains. We research, analyse, validate, score, rank, weight, assimilate, curate, and present using the best of technology with the best of science, giving you an unparalleled level of insight and granularity in each indication.

Global or national teams, medical or marketing, clinical or HEOR, market access or medical education – the power of Firefly MAX means you only need one KOL database for all your different teams and needs.

A Wealth Of Analytics

  • Identify the top experts based on a variety of metrics
  • Find top experts active in publications, guidelines, etc.
  • See the top Authors, top Speakers etc.
  • See anyone's network and collaborations
  • Find experts based on Major and Minor MeSH Terms
  • Explore linkages between experts
  • Find experts based on topic keywords and free-text search terms
  • Identify experts active in important organisational roles
  • See competitor disclosure and payment data for top experts

KOL Identification & Mapping

Firefly MAX is a KOL identification and a KOL mapping database. Which means it has a plethora of unique features that enable you to analyse the landscape as a whole, and look at individual KOLs in the context of the wider landscape. Examples include:

  • The 80:20 visualisation enables you to assess a group of connective experts, and instantly find the minimum 20% of people you may need to engage with to help reach the other 80% of that group.
  • The generations visualisation enables you to see the connectivity often expressed across multiple degrees of connection and the strength of each connection, thus creating a ‘generational’ visualisation around each expert.
  • The free-text visualisation tool enables you to find experts based simply on a few words of an abstract or publication. An AI-led function finds and assesses similar abstracts based on a host of variables, and presents you with list of potential experts active on that topic.

Customise Your KOL Database

Imagine this (not uncommon) scenario – several companies, including yours, are all developing a new medicine or expanding the use of an existing medicine to a new indication. Even though you’re all aiming for the same indication, you all have very different scientific stories, scientific messaging, medical affairs strategy, clinical development plans, medical education plans etc.

So can it really be the case that all companies require exactly the same KOL’s to succeed? Surely with that thinking, which KOLs vendors often encourage you to believe, is a travesty in itself and does not reflect the uniqueness of each particular product or the work that you’re doing, even if active in the same indication space?

Firefly MAX is unique in that it allows you to configure and customise certain elements, even right down to data sources, to meet your specific needs for your specific therapy.

KOL Mapping By Indication

Firefly MAX works best with substantial data sets curated by our research team. Data is split into indications on purpose – because each indication has its own nuances when it comes to the wider KOL landscape.

For example, a rare disease with a limited number of KOLs and limited quant activity will need very different weighting criteria when it comes to scoring and ranking, compared to a fast moving large space such as in mainstream oncology. Weighting & Scoring is just one component.

Firefly MAX is designed to handle exactly such nuances and present you the insights you need, regardless of indication.

Curated Research & Analytics

We’ve got a wealth of proprietary technology and analytics that we apply to our databases. But Firefly MAX is not purely a bot-driven, data-scraping, number-crunching machine – those facets will only get you so far when it comes to identifying and mapping influential and important KOLs, Rising Stars, speakers, educators, and other specialists critical to the success of your entire future.

We use a variety of technologies including machine learning and NLP to help analyse data and generate visuals, from network maps to topic clusters. But like all our products, Firefly MAX is an offering curated by specialists.

That’s because Firefly MAX requires experienced medics and researchers to look at quantitative data and tag them to specific topics to meet your needs; it takes intelligent input to make inferences on disclosure data so you can see who is working for your competitors and in what capacity; and it takes humans to engender a dash of love in the work we produce.

Confidence In KOL Mapping

What is the level of confidence we have in our Firefly MAX KOL database offering? How confident are we that the results you see are an accurate representation of the KOL identification and mapping landscape?

Unlike virtually every other data-scraping-led KOL database vendor, KOL identification and KOL mapping lies at the heart of our inception – it’s the first step of the ‘KOL engagement cycle’, and that’s where we first started many years ago. And our aim was to revolutionise the process through a systematic and analytical approach (the clue still lies in our company name).

And we continue to carry out dedicated KOL identification and mapping projects for our clients, constantly innovating new methodologies and research techniques to identify and map the KOL landscape in full.

What this means is that you can be supremely confident in the data, research, and analytics of our Firefly MAX KOL database offering because it comes from an organisation with KOL identification and KOL mapping burnt into its very genome. You can’t get much more hard-core than that.

Ensuring Utility

  • It’s not common for a vendor to admit that their solution doesn’t answer every single need everyone may have. But then, we are an uncommon vendor!
  • A quant-driven database like Firefly MAX, no matter how comprehensive, gives you only selective data on constructs such as “influence” e.g. it doesn’t tell you whether a single message from a particular KOL will cascade through and be actually acted on by the HCP masses.
  • It’s difficult to identify specific cohorts such as Rising Stars based on quant data alone. Contrary to what others may try and convince you of, you simply can’t say that “someone whose publications are increasing” is a Rising Star! The definition of a Rising Star in itself necessitates additional research from current KOLs to truly understand this emerging cohort.
  • Take a typical case of a KOL nearing retirement and who is not very active in terms of publications and speaking. So they may not feature highly in a traditional quant ranking, but they may still have significant impact on other KOLs – how do you effectively account for that?
  • But you can relax in the knowledge that we have the insight and experience to not just identify such challenges, but also create innovative solutions to answer them!

Creators & Curators

A KOL database is only as good as the data that powers it and the people that build it.

Reading this far, you already have a sense of our approach to giving you the best data there is. And as for the people that build it, we are unique in that everything about our company, including the people that make it, coalesce around a single focus - KOLs. So you can be sure that everyone in our organisation - the medics, scientists, technologists, machine learning specialists, coders, designers, and project managers that speak with clients every day about KOL identification and mapping - fully understand everything there is to understand about KOLs and their importance in your work.

If you were tasked with building the world’s best KOL database, wouldn’t you select precisely such a unique group of specialists?

Firefly Delivery

Looks cool doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

At its heart lies beautiful, intuitive design. This is a product of the fact that we know KOL mapping, and we know exactly the insights that our clients need and want from a KOL database to help them with their everyday work. The design of our platform and the functions we provide is a direct reflection of this knowledge that’s been gained through nearly a decade of supporting our clients through the entire KOL engagement cycle – from the first step of identification, all the way to planning, engagement, tracking, and even collecting insights that feedback into your KOL strategic plans.

Naturally Firefly MAX is updated regularly, and gets to you through the power and magic of your browser, offering you a fluid, device-independent, experience. Unlimited users, unlimited access, unlimited interaction.

Firefly Adoption Support

The Firefly launch and adoption service is a comprehensive programme of activities designed to maximise your investment in the KOL database.

We appreciate that simply telling your team about a new, however brilliant, KOL database is not enough to help them fully utilise the power at their fingertips.

Staying on their radar and keeping them connected via insight updates, interactive workshops, topic-tree reviews, drop-in sessions, and in-app interactive walk-throughs are just some of the different ways in which we aim to maximise the value of Firefly MAX to your organisation.

KOL Database Integration

A KOL database is often more than just a database, it’s a strategic asset that can power decision-making across many different teams and at different stages of your product life-cycle.

The success of a true strategic asset lies partly in its ability to integrate and talk with other systems and platforms in your organisation.

Given that our entire focus is the provision of digital tools and services to support the KOL engagement cycle, we’ve been integrating and talking with others right from the day we could integrate and talk!

In fact, we probably know integration much better than anyone else because all our other tools also require deep integration with Pharma systems and platforms – not just the usual CRM, profiles, and MDM, but all the way to SAP and even transfer-of-value systems.


If you are familiar with System Analytic you know that “Zero Risk” is how we like to roll.

And given that all we’ve done since our inception is work with KOLs and experts, we are totally familiar, compliant, and on top of the myriad of ever expanding global and national data privacy regulations. e.g. the growing list of countries (and even regions) where you cannot include an HCP in a global database (even if the database is publicly available data) without some degree of consent.

See for yourself how our Firefly MAX KOL database can revolutionise your work with KOLs and experts!

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