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KOL Prioritisation

Generating a list of names, whether from your existing KOL database provider or through your own internal research, is a good first step but it still leaves open a host of questions which are essential for effective KOL engagement.
Typically, such lists are based on the analysis of publications, congresses, etc., and the list of names is usually ranked based simply on activity of an expert in these different domains.
But that doesn’t tell you: who best to engage for specific activities, how those experts are viewed by their KOL peers, what true influence do they have amongst frontline HCPs, where do they stand on key therapeutic issues, how are they perceived by others specially in the context of communicating data about a new drug, and so on. A list of names without such insights is of limited utility.
Our prioritisation services can validate, tier, and prioritise your list of KOLs to give you unparalleled insights that can help you decide exactly who to engage, for which activity, and in what context – all of it driven by evidence.

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