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Our Advocacy Engine is a multi-component digital solution that enables you to measure and track KOL/HCP advocacy in near-real-time. Not only does this give you insights into the effectiveness of your engagement programs, but it also enables you to fine tune your future KOL engagements to ensure change happens where it’s needed the most.

KOL Engagement ROI

You spend significant time and resources engaging KOLs and HCPs. But how do you know whether those engagements are actually effective?
How do you know if your medical, commercial, and professional education initiatives have ‘changed the needle’ amongst your KOLs? How can you be sure of the impact of your work? And ultimately, how can you validate your spend?
Once you have the data and insights to answer these questions, you can also start to act on them. You can engage the KOLs that actually need the most engagement and education. You can allocate your resources in the most efficient and effective manner possible. You can ensure that you are successfully building advocacy amongst the many hundreds of experts you engage with on a daily basis.
And then you can measure the impact of all that, and start all over again – that’s the power of the Advocacy Engine.

Measuring KOL Advocacy

At the heart of the Advocacy Engine lies the ability to measure advocacy in near-real-time through three different lenses - sentiment, mindset, and messaging.
“Sentiment” is an assessment of a KOLs position made by those in your organisation who engage with KOLs on a daily basis.
“Mindset” involves asking KOLs directly about their beliefs and where they stand in the context of your scientific story.
“Messaging” involves a medical review of the public scientific outputs of a KOL to analyse the scientific messages they are communicating and advocating.
Together these three lenses take into account three different viewpoints and give you an accurate, near-real-time, holistic measure of advocacy amongst your KOLs.
Any further information that you currently collect on your KOLs can also be easily integrated into the above, to maximise all existing knowledge in the quest for true advocacy insights.

Monitoring Changes In KOL Advocacy

Every interaction, observation and engagement with a KOL or HCP may involve one or more of the measurements lenses to set the initial benchmark and then track changes over time.
For example, the ‘mindset’ lens can be used to establish an initial benchmark at a set time-point e.g. pre-launch mindset. You can then take the pulse at additional specific time points post-launch, thus monitoring and tracking the evolution of thought amongst your target KOLs.
Once the measuring and tracking operation is up and going, real-time analytics enable you to see changes in sentiment, mindset and messaging.
You can analyse and track changes by expert, by region, by therapy, or over specific time points to assess the impact of new data, new communications, or other market-shaping events.

Boosting Your KOL Engagements

How can you apply the data, outputs, and insights generated from the Advocacy Engine to significantly boost your entire KOL engagement process?
Analytics based on advocacy measurements can be used to guide how you plan and target your KOL/HCP initiatives and activities. For example, the Advocacy Engine may identify a group of important KOLs who are not resonating with your recent safety messages. These experts can then be targeted with additional activities to address this particular issue.
The impact of your new activities on those KOLs can then be measured by subsequent cycles of the Advocacy Engine, which then further guide your engagements with them. And so the virtuous cycle continues.
Eventually, with enough cycles, you get to an n=1 state where rich advocacy data helps you plan your engagements and your resource/spend allocation right down to an individual KOL level: what channels should you use to engage them, what activities should you involve them with, and even the flow of exposure to your scientific messaging.

Maximising KOL Plans With Data-Driven Insights

The Advocacy Engine helps you:
  • Make KOL engagement decisions based on real-time data & facts, not just on gut feel
  • Allocate your resources in the most efficient manner, to the KOL/HCPs that need your attention the most
  • Ensure that your KOL engagements are showing demonstratable value to your team and your organisation as a whole
Advocacy Engine outputs can dramatically improve the efficacy of your KOL engagement plans by providing data-driven insights on not just the effectiveness of previous engagements, but also on the changing mindset of KOLs in response to competitor activity. The real-time nature of the Advocacy Engine also enables you to make mid-course corrections in your KOL plans to reflect changing needs.

Implementing The Advocacy Engine Into Your Everyday Work

The Advocacy Engine consists of multiple components, each occupying an important role in the overall process.
For example, successful execution of the ‘sentiment’ lens requires the use of an interactive matrix which can be overlaid on top of your current KOL management workflow, or presented seamlessly through our Superfly platform. The ‘mindset’ lens involves liaising with KOLs directly, and this can be automated through our existing KOL-outreach platform or with your existing qualitative research tool. All other components and lenses are managed by us, closely aligned with your existing workflow and processes.
The data from all the different lenses feeds into a central real-time results portal from where you can track advocacy, get insights, and make critical engagement decisions.
We’ll of course guide you through every step of the process, from overall workflow integration right down to advising you on the best measures & matrices to use.

Building A Consistent KOL Advocacy Framework

Once you’ve configured the Advocacy Engine framework, matrices, and other workflows for a specific therapy, team, or product, the same template can then be applied to any other product or team.
The main change would be the actual content of the external mindset questions, the sentiment matrix content, etc. – all of which should accurately reflect the scientific story, positioning, and strategic objectives of each individual brand.
The core operational and technical components of the Advocacy Engine would simply be leveraged up to support additional teams. Each additional team would therefore only require a marginal incremental outlay to implement their own customised Advocacy Engine.

An Advocacy Engine To Guide Your Work

Effective KOL and HCP engagement lies at the heart of brand success, and measuring and tracking advocacy amongst your KOLs is of critical importance to help ensure effective engagement.
Our Advocacy Engine uses multiple lenses to help you benchmark and track a variety of metrics that give you an accurate, near-real-time, holistic measure of advocacy amongst your KOLs.
The resulting outputs can dramatically improve the planning and implementation of your KOL engagements, with an n=1 targeted approach driven by real-time data, analytics, and insights.

Want to see for yourself how our Advocacy Engine can transform your KOLs management process?

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