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KOL digital

With different patterns of communication and engagement,

digital KOLs

are a different breed altogether requiring a whole new set of methodologies & tools with which to identify and map.
To start with,

digital KOLs

require you to go beyond simple identification and look at more advanced




based on individual digital characteristics and propensity for online interactions (e.g. data multiplier, content creator, opinion former, proactive educator).

Analysing digital KOL mindset

is also important when creating

engagement plans

– what is their online view on

key therapeutic issues

, what topics within your therapy area are they most vocal about online, how do they communicate their views and opinions on new data?
And finally, given the dynamic nature of the online realm, it’s essential to monitor key influencer activity to help identify acute opportunities for you to engage with

digital KOLs

in active discussions.
Our range of digital


services help you navigate all the above facets of this brave new world – identification, analytics,




, mindset, monitoring, and

landscape mapping

– without forgetting that the traditional underlying principles of thought leadership, expertise, and human influence still apply.
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