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X-Fly is a novel insights management platform, created and built specifically to support the gathering, analysis, and reporting of insights.

Insights, whether they be from

Medical Affairs engagement

s or

field MSL interactions

, are a goldmine of knowledge — but how do you mine that gold? How do you prioritise and categorise insights? How do you ensure your insights are actually acted upon? How do you make sure the right insights are escalated to the right people?

Packed with an array of innovations, from NLP machine learning capabilities to one-click drag & drop reporting, X-Fly can help you transform your insights process and serve as the bedrock for an effective insight management framework across your entire organisation.

X-Fly development is driven by observing real people capturing real insights in real situations, and then designing better ways to help them do the jobs that they need to do. That’s what helps make it the most comprehensive, complete, and creative insights management platform there is.

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