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KOL identification

is about identifying anyone with the potential to impact your work — clinicians, authors, speakers, nurses, tweeters, or the medics building cutting edge apps for their patients.

KOL mapping is about seeing the connections, collaborations, and networks, giving you a complete contextual picture of the Expert/KOL landscape.


KOL identification

pinpoints the individual mountains, peaks, and valleys, KOL mapping helps you see the terrain of the entire landscape. Together they give you the canvas on which to create your own unique KOL programmes.
We're confident in our ability & accuracy to identify and map the right people because we've spent years continually re-engineering every step of the

KOL identification

& mapping process — in a very systematic and analytical way — thus transforming what

KOL identification

& KOL mapping can do for you.
We also appreciate that our work is all about people. That's why even the largest bucket of objective analytics in the world cannot always circumvent the subjective nuances of

KOL identification

, mapping, and influence.
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