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Superfly Pro

Superfly is a fully configurable KOL management platform where you pick & choose from a suite of modular apps to build a KOL management solution geared exactly to your organisational needs.

KOL Management

Think of


as a suite of awesome

modular web-apps

designed to support every step of

the KOL/HCP management

process. Simply select the apps you need and build your own perfect


to precisely match the way you, your team, and your organisation works and grows.

Plan an engagement


submit a needs assessment


select the right experts


invite participants

, check their conflicts, obtain approvals,

initiate & execute digitised contracts


set & authorise FMVs


manage Caps


report on ToV payments


check post-service completion


approve and initiate payments

– all through one single platform, one beautiful workflow, with the HCP at the heart of it all.
And you can have as little or as much of it as you need. From a single team managing a handful of their most important

national KOL

s to an

enterprise-wide implementation

covering the entire

HCP contract-to-pay workflow

involving thousands of users across multiple functions, countries, and currencies –


is designed from the ground up to meet all such needs.

Base-Line Apps

  • KOL Activity Tracking

    Track and manage all your activities with experts across all your different activities and engagements

  • KOL Engagement Planning

    Create customised engagement plans for all your key experts and track their implementation

  • KOL Collaboration Preferences

    Integrate expert preferences of how they want to work with you, what they can and cannot do

  • KOL Participant Selection

    Select the right experts for your activities based on project objectives and several other parameters

  • KOL Expert Profiles

    Interactive, visual, curated analytical profiles with real-time big data integration

  • KOL Proposal Management

    Needs assessment, scientific rationale, budgets – the essentials to start collaboration approval

Specialist Apps

  • KOL Sentiment Tracking

    Capture, monitor, and track expert sentiment on key topics in real-time

  • KOL Speaker Request

    Centralise the management of all speaker requests through a single integrated workflow

  • Event Management

    Coordinate & plan all activities & interactions for expert events including Congresses

  • Entity Management

    Track, plan, and manage your work with CoE’s and advocacy/professional organisations

  • KOL Invitation Management

    Automate the entire process of selecting & inviting experts, and managing their response

  • Insights Management

    Collect, manage, and report on insights gathered from expert interactions

Contract-To-Pay Apps

  • Cross-Border

    Manage cross-border approvals through compliance-driven automated workflows

  • Conflict Management

    Check contract status, debarment, conflicts, calendar, FMV, and Caps – before you engage

  • Contract Management

    Create, manage, redline, approve, sign, and execute expert contracts and SOWs

  • Payment Management

    Manage and approve invoices, honoraria, OOP expenses, all the way to ok-to pay confirmation

  • In-Service Management

    Confirm participation by the HCP and delivery of services in line with the contract/SOW

  • Document Management

    From W9 and VAT forms to Advisory Board minutes, manage all event-related documentation

  • FMV Management

    Create & manage FMV tables for HCP tier type, country, specialty, and type of engagement

  • Caps Management

    Set & manage individual global Cap rules based on time, monetary value, number of engagements

  • ToV Management

    Automatically generate ‘submission-ready’ Transfer of Value data in line with regulatory requirements

Reporting Apps

  • Reports

    Build your own interactive, graphical, custom reports using simple drag & drop widgets

  • Exports

    One-page HCP profile exports perfectly suited for compliance and regulatory submission

  • Dashboards

    Each user/role has their own individual, customisable dashboard with real-time reporting

  • Specialist

    Specialist reporting for managing speaker requests and utilisation across countries and teams

  • Templates

    Create, share, and auto-run templates to standardise reporting for different stakeholders

  • Cross-functional

    Fire-walled, permission-based reporting to allow cross-functional reporting

  • Auto-run

    Automatically run pre-defined templates at set times to create a fluid reporting process

  • Utilisation

    Which KOLs are working with, what are we doing, what is planned etc – all essential KOL metrics

  • Approval

    Each approver role has their own dedicated reports e.g. medical, legal, contracting, finance

Supporting Every Team

  • Medical

    All the core apps and functions you need

    for KOL planning


    KOL tracking

    , and manage all your work with your

    most important KOLs

    in a collaborative manner
  • Commercial

    Unique apps (e.g.

    KOL CRM, KOL sentiment, KOL insights

    ) popular with our

    commercial users

    to enable you to

    monitor KPIs

    and illustrate your impact/success
  • End-to-End

    HCP Management apps to support the end-to end/contract-to-pay workflow,


    project initiation

    to payment - including

    legal, contracting, finance, and compliance teams

KOL Management Workflows

KOL management workflows

are more than just about controlling how things are done — they enable you to guide your team on how best to

select, engage, and interact with KOLs

in line with organisational best practices and policies. When used well,


can give you a tangible competitive advantage through your


process. Superfly enables you to set up a multitude of such automated KOL management workflows and build them into the genome of your solution.

The HCP Experience

We tend to focus on the pains of KOL management from the Pharma side. But what about the KOL/HCP side – what are the pains they experience when working with you?

Superfly is built around the one constant that applies throughout the entire workflow – the HCP.

The Superfly HCP Portal allows the HCP to manage all their actions with you – collaboration preferences, travel preferences, data sharing consent, invitations to collaborate, acceptance of invitations, contracting, submitting in-service documentation, managing post-service requirements, invoicing, logistics, and confirmation of payment.

All of this significantly enhances the HCP experience and ensures successful collaboration across all your events.

(For more on the power of the HCP Portal with the HCP at the heart of it, read our very short paper here )

Solution Integration

KOL management is never an isolated function. A single KOL event can involve people from medical, commercial, legal, compliance, audit, and finance. And sometimes across several countries. That’s why Superfly is designed to play well with everyone that it meets.

  • – master HCP information, in and out of Superfly
  • – vendor accounts, invoicing, and ok-to-pay authorisation
  • – field CRM data, in and out of Superfly
  • – data feeds for your Open Payments reporting tool
  • – collaboration data (e.g. participants) to your logistics vendor
  • – workflow integration with your state-wide debarment data provider
  • – plan & initiate virtual advisory boards from within Superfly
  • And much more

Enterprise KOL Management

The modular and configurable nature of Superfly makes it suitable for everyone whether it be a small team wanting to closely manage a handful of


, or a

global enterprise-wide solution

addressing every step of the

HCP contract-to-pay/end-to-end process

. The common factor is the need for

effective KOL/HCP management


Superfly Implementation

We think Superfly is great, but like any system, its success is dependent on people using it, and doing so in the right way! We, therefore, have a range of implementation & support services to help ensure the success of Superfly.


Find the right experts, create engagement plans, initiate your collaborations, track your activities, report your outcomes, audit your work, and then relax – confident in the knowledge that you have used Superfly to manage every step of your

KOL/HCP management process in a compliant and effective manner.

You can now take the time to feel the warm blue water gently lapping against your feet while the distant sound of a ripe coconut falling onto the sand echoes in tune with the cool sea breeze. (Or go to a disco, says Mike).


Super Focussed

Superfly is a solution engineered with just one purpose – to help you plan, manage, and track your work with your KOLs and HCPs. From beginning to end. So absolutely everything about Superfly and all the accompanying services and support provided are geared to supporting this one single aim.

Super Fast

Superfly is ready-to-go

, with several modular apps that are able to work straight-out-of-the-shiny-box. Spin up your


platform in just 24 hours and transform your

KOL management

. Naturally the contract-to-pay apps (e.g. Contract Management) take longer as they require extensive configurations and approval to fully reflect your

internal workflow and processes


Super Configurable

With Superfly you bolt together the modular apps you need to get you going. This gives you tremendous flexibility and configurability in that you can add additional apps and functionality as and when you need them to scale up and fine tune your entire

KOL management workflow

Super Smart

From machine algorithms that recommend the right experts for your activities, to AI-led NLP that automatically analyses and tags the insights you capture from your KOL interactions – machines are taking over. And Superfly is no exception.

Super Disruptive

Superfly replaces traditional KOL CRM characteristics (bloated, heavy, expensive, dull) with a model that’s light, fast, easy, and agile, at a disruptive price point. All the characteristics of true disruption.

Super Loved

When did you last hear someone say that they love their KOL management tool? Exactly. Unless of course there are already using Superfly, then they’ll already be feeling the love.

Super Man

This has nothing to do with Superfly, but Mike wanted to include it. Here you go. I hope you’re happy, Mike.

Super Awesome, Super Expansive, Super Loved. It’s Superfly! See for yourself how Superfly can transform your KOL/HCP Management, from beginning to end.

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